Champagne Dehours et Fils

19th November 2014

Champagne Dehours et Fils

Since a Taking Over in 1995, our family, the owner of the domain, Has the aim of shining a light on the ‘terroir’ Abebooks web for care, Heaven sent, being white share of cultural and gastronomic heritage of France.

From the origins of our estate many men have had an important role. Whether it has been my father or grand-father, I think that I have inherited the sense of independence which characterised them both. In the 1930’s, Ludovic, my grand-father was one of the first independent growers, a revolution at that time. In the 1970’s, my father Robert was, with other growers, a precursor of the idea of quality reserve; A measure that consists of keeping aside a certain volume of wine from very good years in order to overcome difficulties and cope with future bad harvests. In Champagne, more than anywhere else, years are passing by, and each is unique.

Claiming Without Any Particular kind of labels, we harvests and vineyards with our respect for the environment and in our search for excellence; we make no concession with our cultivating techniques.
Located at mid height in the south facing slope of the Marne Valley, our village, Coffin, has-been the birthplace of the family for 4 generations Dehours. There, you can find our warehouse, our dry cellars and All That center is required to Elaborate and mature our Produce from our own vineyards, to the bottle.

Like much of the Champagne area, our estate is FORMED from a patchwork. 42 plots are spread apart on the villages of Mareuil-le-Port, Oeuilly, Troissy. The diversity of sun exposure, subsoil, varietals, height, age of vines Gives, as a result, Many hues Abebooks web Enhance to try.

Influence: The whole year of our studs Offers open landscape and a natural air flow due to the confluence of the Marne Valley and the Valley Flagot.

Diversity: A growth Offering all the sun exposure, Composed of clay area covering a chalky bed stock. The slopes, planted from the top of the hill to the flat limits of the plain are spread on irregular waves and folds, the results of slow erosion.


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