Champagne Dérouillat

5th October 2014

Champagne Dérouillat

Champagne Dérouillat has vineyards in the Côte des Blancs and the Vallée de la Marne where it has a strong environmental approach in producing their Champagnes.

The family-owned house was founded in 1929. Today, it combines the best of tradition (traditional press) and eco-friendly modern technology (stainless tanks; disgorgement with ice) to obtain the best possible results, choosing to: put their champagnes in lighter bottles to reduce the carbon impact; use recycled materials for their labels and boxes; and, recycle the wine effluents into a recovery tank

Luc Dérouillat



Fleur de Bulles Brut
55% Pinot Meunier / 30% Chardonnay / 15% Pinot Noir
Straw coloured with a brilliant, fine cordon of lively and generous bubbles. Typical of the Meunier grape, it is fruity, masterful and fresh. A very pleasant Champagne to share with family and friends on any occasion!

Rosé Arthémia Rosé Brut
85% Chardonnay / 15% Pinot Meunier
Bright pink in colour with strong bubbles, it is rich and robust with aromas of red berries. Perfect with roasted poultry, young partridges and pheasants and, with red berry desserts, tarts and fruit salads.

Rosé de Saignée Extra Brut
100% Pinot Meunier
Wild pink colour with tiny bubbles, rich, deep and full-bodied with aromas of ripe cherries.

Fleur de Bulles Demi-Sec
55% Pinot Meunier / 30% Chardonnay / 15% Pinot Noir
Produced in stainless steel tanks with malolactic fermentation, the fine cordon of lively and generous bubbles delight the palate with its higher dosage.

L’Esprit Brut
100% Chardonnay
Premier Cru – Cuis
With an aroma of white flowers and hawthorns, this Champagne is very pleasant in the mouth. Enjoyed by itself, it is also for the table, particularly with fish.

Georges-William “Secret de Famille” Cuvée Prestige
Secret Blending (3 Grape Varieties)
Golden yellow in colour with generous and dynamic bubbles, only the winemaker knows the blending proportions of the Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Fruity, fresh and elegant, it is a Champagne to enjoy with food.

2010 Cuvée Fanette Brut
40% Chardonnay / 30% Pinot Meunier / 30% Pinot Noir
Only produced in very exceptional years, this straw yellow colour Champagne has elegant fine bubbles with a wonderful brioche-like mouth. With its intense ripe fruits, it is delicious as an aperitif, or with some medium cooked foie gras on cereal bread with some crystallized figs.

2006 Cuvée Cécile Brut
50% Pinot Noir / 50% Chardonnay
Premier Cru – Ay
Only produced in very exceptional years, this Champagne has a crystal clear golden colour, with a gentle foam that is formed by the delicate bubbles. A powerful and generous mouth, and an enchanting aperitif; also perfect with apricots, figs, or semi-cooked foie gras.

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