Champagne Deutz Harvest 2019

7th October 2019

Champagne Deutz Brut NV

Temperature variations, ripening, the winegrowing cycle… All together an unprecedented harvest!

After 11 days of harvesting in summer-like weather, the grapes, the fruit of an entire year’s work in the vineyards, have been safely brought home. The yields, considering the vagaries of the weather over the year, are decent and the quality, so important to Maison Deutz, looks to be very good. The alcoholic degrees are high and the clusters are in perfect health: Michel Davesne, cellar master, Olivier Bernard, his deputy, and their teams have some excellent raw material to work with.

By “viva voce” Cedric Georget, Deutz Vineyard Manager and right-hand person of Vineyard Director Patrick Boivin, expresses their total satisfaction after a rather complicated growing season.

The excellence of the fruit, very mature, with good balance sugar / total acidity is due to the utmost care with which the teams and the passionate grape-growers have harvested the ‘grand crus’ and the ‘premiers crus’ Deutz takes its juice from. Michel Davesne, Cellar Master & Chief Winemaker can’t wait until the time comes for the blending process and to tell you about it!

Glass of Bubbly

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