Champagne Deutz Release Cuvée William Deutz 2006

7th June 2016

Champagne Deutz Release Cuvée William Deutz 2006

Champagne Deutz have just released the 2006 vintage of their flagship Cuvée William Deutz.

Following on from the stunning 2002 vintage, Cuvée William Deutz 2006 is a wine which offers fantastic cellaring potential and recently impressed judges at the IWC, picking up a gold medal.

Deutz have also subtly tweaked the packaging for this latest release, incorporating a sash on the bottle to bring the Cuvée William packaging in line with Deutz’ other two prestige Cuvées, Amour de Deutz and Amour de Deutz rosé.

The Cuvée William Deutz 2006 was disgorged late 2015 after 9 years resting on its lees. Displaying a golden hue with extremely fine bubbles. Delicate, rich and complex on the nose, developing floral and cooked white peach aromas, underpinned by honey-sweet notes of spice and candied ginger.

Captivating, rich and full on the palate, the Champagne releases a mélange of delicate cherry, wild peach and honey aromas. The finish is silky, complex and refined, lingering long on the palate.

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