Champagne Devaux and Michel Chapoutier launch Champagne Sténopé 2008

12th October 2015

Champagne Devaux and Michel Chapoutier launch Champagne Sténopé 2008

In 2007, an encounter between Champagne Devaux and Michel Chapoutier, from the Rhône Valley, gave birth to a daring idea of creating a rare vintage Champagne: one that would faithfully capture the image of the vintage, every single year. Together they purchased a vineyard plot in the renowned village of Les Riceys, and decided to focus on wines aged in casks made from oak from the Champagne region.

They have launched prestige cuvée Sténopé 2008. The name of the cuvée “Sténopé” comes from the French word for a pinhole camera: a simple optical device used at the very beginning of photography to capture an image of reality. The challenge of this unique Champagne is, harvest upon harvest, to interpret a season, with all its unique characteristics.

Only 3400 bottles and 620 magnums were produced for the vintage 2008 and only 160 bottles and 30 magnums will be on sale in the UK from 1 November 2015.

Describing the unique endeavour behind the Champagne, Michel Chapoutier said, “Sténopé is the photographic image of a terroir, documented every vintage, rather than simply the expression of terroir in a declared vintage”.

Reflecting on the partnership between Devaux and Chapoutier, Laurent Gillet, President of the Groupe Vinicole Champagne Devaux said : “Dedication to excellence and individuality is at the heart of Champagne Devaux’s DNA. Sténopé continues on this quest and is furtherenriched by Michel Chapoutier’s experience and vision”.

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