Champagne Dom Caudron: Prédiction & Épicurienne

16th May 2015

dom caudron champagne boxes


The famous 100% Meunier Brut!

This cuvée was Champagne Dom Caudron’s first creation. It embodies the Passy-Grigny terroir and the unique features of the Meunier grape variety. The citrus and honey notes are signature of it. Its roudness and fruity flavour is ideal for any occasion, especially social ones!

Food pairing: This wine is wonderful anytime although, naturally, it is the perfect match for a salmon steak in sauce. Venture off the beaten track and serve with a lemon meringue pie… delightful.



A word to the wise: the soul of the village of Passy-Grigny exudes from the Epicurienne. This vintage toasts food lovers’ every day pleasure.

A selection of best Meunier from vines over 50 years old aged on lees after alcoholic fermentation. This winemaking process gives the Champagne its softness and smooth texture whilst the partial malolactic fermentation helps achieve the perfect balance of elegance. The concentration of Old Vines enables it to enhance any gourmet meal.

Food pairing: Experiment and pair this champagne with a seafood or sushi platter as you would a wine. It is surprisingly delicious with roasted pineapple and flambéed bananas!

Written by Romain Simonnet

Glass of Bubbly

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