Champagne Dom Caudron – Tours and Champagne Food Pairing is Key

15th May 2018


When I first entered the industry of Champagne and sparkling I took a tour to the region of Champagne as part of IWINETC 2015  and we visited the Champagne co-operative Dom Caudron and back then I will admit that I just saw it as another of the many wineries we visited during the busy tour schedule that we had…. Now roll on three years and many 100’s of wineries across the world that I have visited and had a re-visit to and now I wish to re-visit with our readers Dom Caudron and offer it a more educated review:

Firstly, Champagne Dom Caudron is a co-operative winery based in Passy-Grigny some 30 km and 30 minutes from Epernay. Its history is fairly well known in the world of Champagne with the 1,000 francs that Priest Dom Caudron offered some eager 23 local vine growers to obtain a location, tools and all important pressing equipment in order to turn their grapes into Champagne – The brand carries Dom’s name to this day.

Dom Caudron is a co-operative winery that concentrates on the Meunier grape which is very much their signature characteristic with its fine aromatics and fruity flavours.

Today, the original 23 growers back in 1929 have expanded to 80 members and managing some 130+ hectares in the local region producing nearly 1 million bottles of Champagne annually for its members and of course it’s own signature label and varieties.

For me, where Dom Caudron really shines and has mastered growing areas of the industry, is the way in which this smaller sized co-operative has set out the tourism and food / Champagne pairings within its day to day running. For any consumer wishing to visit a Champagne co-operative and to take a relaxed guided tour of the history of Champagne making in the region to how it is made and rounding things up with a fine dining experience where specific course are paired with specific labels and all being open 7 days a week throughout the year then it really is a must visit location. I took my re-tour of Dom Caudron only recently (May 2018) with experienced and passionate to share his knowledge Champagne tour guide Victor Canchon and this is where I really appreciated how they have made what for many at times can be a complicated educational tour to one that also includes engaging and entertaining elements making learning and appreciating that bit more interesting.

Once you have taken the tour of the museum and winery you can then involve yourself in tasting the Champagne and depending on the package you book with them, you can also have a splendid meal with varied courses designed to pair with and bring out the best in flavours of the Champagnes from this co-operative.

They receive many visitors worldwide and have an active TripAdvisor



Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.