Champagne Dom Caudron

16th May 2015

Champagne Dom Caudron

In 1929, in the village of  Passy-Grigny in the Marne Valley, Dom Caudron had an idea. He saw the potential of the 23 small vine-growers in the village and inspired them to join forces.

They obtained a production site, tools and pressing equipment to tap into, produce and showcase the fruit of their shared passion: the Meunier. The winemakers worked together and combined their skills to create one great Champagne.

Since then, more than 60 vine growers have joined the movement to keep the spirit of cooperation and promotion alive.

The vineyards of the Marne Vallery area, including Passy-Gringy, have been sculpted by streams running into the Marne. The village of Passy-Gringy stands at the top of the hills exposed to the different elements which gives Meunier its own unique personality.

You will be whisked away to the instantly recognisable and elegant terroir of Passy-Grigny when you taste Champagne Dom Caudron.


Champagne Tours

Visit Dom Caudron and go behind the scenes: get up close to vintage wine presses, settle into your cinema seat and see a movie about work of the vine and the wine, put on your 3D glasses to view the photo gallery and gaze at the modern vat house from the top of the 6m high footbridge.

Written by Romain Simonnet

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