Champagne Doyard-Mahé

10th August 2016

Champagne Doyard-Mahé

Maurice Doyard founded the vineyards that produce Champagne Doyard-Mahé in 1941, today they are run by his grandson Philippe and his great-granddaughter, Carole.  Their six hectares of vineyards in Vertus comprise 90% Chardonnay grapes and they vinify around 50,000 bottles per year.  They pride themselves on their wines’ finesse, elegance and aromatic power.

Since 1992, the Doyards have applied the viticulture raisonnée, whereby they practice sustainable and safe wine-making; the vineyards are treated twice a month to prevent mildew and hazardous fungi and build up resistance against disease.

Champagne Doyard-Mahé is produced in stainless fermenting vats with temperature control and is subject to malolactic fermentation, whereby the tart-tasting malic acid, naturally present in grape must, is converted to softer-tasting lactic acid.  This gives their Chardonnays a fine, slightly-grilled flavour.



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