Champagne F. Cuchet-Cez Reserve Brut

26th December 2014

Champagne F. Cuchet-Cez Reserve Brut

Visual Aspect
It is a wine which suggests big attention all over the yellow dress straw and its bubbles of a big delicacy. Of a remarkable specific gravity, these bubbles form fine rosaries enlivening the inside of the glass so by a shifty and uninterrupted dance.

Aspect of smell
First lemon-flavoured with some naunces of bread of spices, this wine is characterised by a bug olfactory complicacy with a hamper of fruits, whites for the pear and the apple, in cores for the mirabelle plum and damson, in pips for the grapes.
The nose is light and trenchant with pleasent smells of bergamot and white flowers, with aromas of pastry and grilled bread accompanied by farm butter.
Citrus bergamia, the Bergamot orange, is a fragrant fruit the size of an orange, with a yellow colour similar to a lemon.

Aspect of taste
In the mouth it is silky, loving and lightly creamy. It is a wine which entices with its flavours of lemon pie, hot crescent and gilded viennoiseries. Its texture wallpapers the palace in a harmony between sweet feelings and tones of acidity. It is a whole, tough and refreshing wine with a nice lightness which hangs papillae to hold them in stir. A glass of this wine inevitably calls for another one, so know how to appreciate in moderation.

Glass of Bubbly

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