Champagne flute or coupe?

11th November 2013

Champagne flute or coupe?

Champagne for many people is a special wine to enjoy so will usually require a little more thought to what you should drink it from, in most occasions the decision will be between a flute or a coupe.

Which design is better?

Flute: Scientists have stated that this style of glass will help both by showcasing the colour and bubbles better though it will also enhance the flavours. Design and style are still very fine and easy to use especially when Champagne is being drunk at social events.

Coupe: Elegant and traditional with the romance of a story that it was modelled on the breast of the French Queen Marie Antoinette, wife of King Louis XV of France.

It wasn’t until 1750 that the English discovered that a long tall glass could vastly improve the taste of sparkling wines.

A lot of Champagne drinking is the taste and aromas which many tests have proven that a flute / white wine / tulip style glass will both hold the bouquet better, increase the bubbles (especially if there are multiple laser-etched dots at the bottom of the glass) and enhance the flavours. Champagne drinking is also about elegance and impressing those around you so it will be about the style of glass which many will see a coupe winning in this competition.

So flute or coupe- what do you prefer to drink your Champagne out of?


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