Champagne Glass that Increases Focus on Flavours

23rd October 2023

Champagne Glass Arc International

A Champagne glass that is all about the seamless, lip connectivity… A Champagne glass that increases your focus on the wine it contains…. Let me explain:

As a wine professional, not only have I tasted countless examples of wines from around the world, I have also enjoyed them from many different examples of glasses. If you know of or meet someone who has a decent knowledge of wine, you will be told that not only is there a vast variation of qualities in wines you can purchase, but what they get served in can also have a big say on how it will taste.

As in a storm, any port will do, and I can understand that if a wine drinking occasion is sprung upon you, then it is acceptable to take the approach of any glass will do. Consumers will undoubtedly have learned, from life experiences such as visiting Grandma’s house as children to watching their favourite actors at the local Odeon, that drinks are served in set vessels from posh tea in bone china cups to Champagne in flutes, beer in pint glasses and whisky in crystal cut glass tumblers.

During a most wonderful tasting and experimentation of glasses in France with Arc International, I was blown away by their demonstrated lip contact sensation via the Champagne glass from their Chef & Sommelier range. I was told that thanks to the design of the rim area being vertical over curved, a seamless contact takes place shifting the mind from the glass to what the glass holds. It was as if you were holding only the suspended, in mid-air, liquid Champagne and the wrist movement simply served the bubbles/flavours to the key areas in the mouth intensifying the focus towards the qualities of the wine. As not only a wine reviewer, but also a judge of wine competitions internationally, the ‘Exaltation‘ range can enhance, dare I say improve, the taste experience of many wines and what they get scored at.


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When I check my cabinet of Champagne glasses to include those that I use frequently, they all (apart from the coupe shape) have a curved (inwards) rim area and mostly a slight bump of thickness at the close. This means two added contact sensations, how the wine glass needs to be positioned in order to enjoy the wine from it and also as the lips release contact with the glass there is an added departing climax.

Bowl Area - The area of the glass that the wine is contained / sits.

Bowl Area – The area of the glass where the wine is contained / sits.


The reason for having a bowled area in the glass is to capture aromas (which is an important sensual experience of enjoying wine) – The size of this bowled area will vary from:

  • Small – Not enough room to taste and place your nose into the glass thus more of a backward movement of your head is required to consume the wine.
  • Medium – Enough room for tasting and placing your nose into the bowl so less backward movement is needed.
  • Large – As the wine is contained within a large bowl area, though there is enough room to taste and easily place your nose in the bowl area, more backward movement is once again required to consume the wine.

Flute glasses usually have no enclosed bowl area and are not ideal for experiencing aromas from sparkling wines.


“This is a bit all over the top no?” I hear many will be saying and for most occasions and people’s preferences you might be right, but for those wine professionals and those who are choosing their wines to enjoy the best taste sensations then surely a glass that offers even a tiny percentage of extra quality is a positive advantage? In my opinion and unlike Olivia Newton-John, we are getting unphysical with the glass thus we are benefitting from that non-experience to enhance the wine being consumed.


A big thank you to HROC who are a PR agency and they kindly invited Glass of Bubbly to partake in this experiment with Arc International.


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.