Champagne Gosset Release Latest Vintage: Grand Millésime 2006

7th October 2015

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Champagne Gosset, the oldest wine house in Champagne, founded in Aÿ in 1584, has revealed its latest vintage; the Grand Millésime 2006. It is the first new product to use the ultra environmentally friendly new foil recently introduced by Gosset.


Having spent eight years maturing in the darkness of the Champagne Gosset cellars in Epernay, this 56 % Pinot Noir and 44 % Chardonnay wine is an excellent expression of the 2006 harvest.

The Grand Millésime 2006 has a dark, golden-yellow hue with a floral and fruity aroma  of hawthorn, lilac, pear and Mirabelle plum. It has a citrus flavour and hint of grapefruit with subtle hints of saltiness and notes of lemon.

This superb, low dosage Champagne is perfect served with fine foods such as line-caught sea bass in salt crust, scallops, salt marsh lamb or fresh goat’s cheese.

“The beginning of 2006 was marked by a very dry spell and no spring frosts. A warm, dry and sunny June helped the flowering and full bloom was recorded in the 1982-2006 average (mid-June). Hailstorms in July, then a cool, wet spell in August, was followed by improved early September weather which stimulated maturation, resulting in the grapes being in prime condition just prior to harvest. It was a particularly good year for the Pinots Noirs, which showed great maturity, with considerable fruit and body ”
Jean-Pierre Mareigner, Champagne Gosset’s cellar master.


As part of its strong ecological commitment, Champagne Gosset has changed its foil caps and now uses a new generation of foils made from low-density green polyethylene and printed with water-based inks, replacing products used previously made from oils and solvents.

Champagne Gosset is distributed in the UK exclusively by
Louis Latour Agencies

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