Champagne Gratiot-Delugny

26th September 2014

Champagne Gratiot-Delugny


Jules Gratiot and Louise Delugny who both came from Champagne families, founded the Gratiot-Delugny House in 1889 which is located in Croûttes sur Marne.

Emile Gratiot succeeded as Récoltant-Manipulant (wine-grower), followed by Robert Gratiot, who today hands down the tradition and knowledge to his son David.


There are three vineyardsof 9 hectares in: Croûttes sur Marne, Nanteuil sur Marne and Charly sur Marne.

The three types of vines grown:

Chardonnay, on 2 ha of the wine-growing property, gives fineness and elegance of wine

Pinot Meunier, takes up about half of the vineyards, on 4 ha, this grape brings fruity and aromatic characteristics to the wine.

Pinot Noir, takes up a quarter land on 2 ha, this grape has a strong and powerful structure.

Crouttes sur Marne on the Marne Valley

Crouttes sur Marne on the Marne Valley


The harvest occurs between 90 and 100 days after the flowering, generally in September. Grapes are traditionally pressed at the family house.

Then alcoholic fermentation is made in enamelled steel containers, which favour thermal exchanges and allow a temperature control.

The wine bottling generally occurs between April and May.

Our Champagne bottles spend at least three years maturing in the cellar, vintages are kept four years.

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