Champagne Gremillet ~ The Pures

10th February 2015

Champagne Gremillet ~ The Pures

The word pure speaks for itself. At Champagne Gremillet, it denotes the purety of the wine, for Champagnes with no dosage



Very pretty golden color with ocre glints that reflect its extreme luminosity

Bright, limpid with a rim of fine, creamy bubbles. Just like a breath of fresh air, the nose is instantly delicate and pleasant with aromas of undergrowth. It is reminiscent of a beautiful summer morning with all the scents of the garden. Aromas of dried fruits, hazelnut and almond with fine, herbacious notes.

The taste is rich and luscious with perfect harmony between vivacity and mellowness. The Brut dosage is ideal for a perfect marriage. With such a voluptuous finish how could it be anything less than noble.

Serve it with starters such as crayfish tails in a Champagne cream sauce, oyster soup with saffron, scallops cooked in a pot or slices of fresh foie gras with white peaches.

“Presenting the very essence of Champagne, an expression of authentic flavors.”


Sublime pale golden color with tender greenish glints. Pretty, fine, long-lasting creamy bubbles, slow and regular.

The nose is a bouquet of flowers in full bloom that invites you to return, with white hawthorn blossom, honeysuckle, dog-rose, followed by multicolored roses and peonies carrying on to reveal fresh hints of citrus fruit and citronella. Upon airing it opens slowly to reveal notes of bread, caramel and of candied fruit…

On the taste we find the same charming aromas as on the nose as we are carried away by this floral magic, perfectly harmonising the wine with the liqueur. Its long, perfumed finish underlines its wonderful charm.

Serve it with white fish cooked in foil or I might just prefer poached Turbot with hollandaise sauce.

“Its freshness make it an easy Champagne to drink, which gives it the irresistible desire for more.”



Very pretty pale golden color with hints of ochre, bright, luminous and limpid. There is a collar of creamy mousse with fine bubbles.

The nose is very pleasant, a profusion of fruit and sun. The Pinot Noir reveals its full pallet of aromas, especially the quince embellished of fine spicy almost peppery notes.

The taste is rich, full-bodied and voluptuous, not only quenching one’s thirst but leaving us with mixed feelings of satisfaction and the irresistible desire for more.

Accompanies equally well a roast sea bass, a filet of venison as a warm fruit tart with caramelized

“The most beautiful expression of our terroir combined with the expertise of the House.”

Shared by Anne Gremillet

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