Champagne Gremillet ~ The Uniques

10th February 2015

Champagne Gremillet ~ The Uniques

The unique is incomparable, even exceptional. Only excellent vintages or particular vinification techniques can produce unique Champagnes.



Attractive golden yellow color, bright and sparkling. Fine, dynamic bubbles.

The nose is very expressive, even garrulous, telling tales of a fine summer and the merry laughter of the grape-harvesters, bearing baskets of ripe fruit and armfuls of flowers.

On the palate, the wine is fullbodied and voluptuous, provoking gasps of pleasure, thanks to a good balance between its delicate sparkle and subtle, caressing blend of fruity and floral flavors. The lingering aftertaste leaves a delicious memory.

Serve with loin of lamb en croûte or a charlotte of caramelized pears.

“Through vintage, I try to emphasize the special character of an exceptional harvest while remaining true to the house’s style.”



Very pretty pale golden color with silvery glints. Bright, luminous and limpid. There is a collar of creamy mousse with fine, delicate bubbles.

The nose is an invitation to enter an unfamiliar, esoteric world of flowers, spices and exotic wood which should be slowly inhaled in order to take in the subtlety of the aromas.

The taste, instantly seductive, is well-balanced and harmonious showing both its vivacious nature and great mellowness. Liquorice,vanilla, bready and wooded noted all blend together on the finish for an instant of pure happiness. The taste is just what one would expect, in itself an evidence.

Serve with delicate flesh of scallops or calves sweetbreads or even that of a capon.

Shared by Anne Gremillet

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