Champagne Gremillet

9th February 2015

Champagne Gremillet

Our family has been winegrowers since the 18th century. In 1979, my father decided to create our own Champagne. His first steps were toward the export et more particularly towards the diplomatic network, with no more than fifty embassies and consulates around the world selecting Gremillet for their prestigious receptions.

My father’s dream is now a reality : my brother Jean-Christophe and I have now joined the company with our respective spouses Karine and Stephane. We are incredibly proud of what has been accomplished, and are working hard together to continue the success of our venture.

The estate is located in Balnot sur Laignes (45 km from the historic capital of Champagne, Troyes) and next to the largest Champagne growing area of Les Riceys, which is the only village to produce the third AOC of the region, “Rosédes Riceys”.

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