Champagne Henri Giraud – The days of stainless steel vats are over!

24th October 2016


Champagne Henri Giraud’s vision of the future is 0% stainless steel. Claude Giraud, CEO of Champagne Henri Giraud, will inaugurate his new generation, 0% stainless steel cellar on November 2. This vision of the future of Champagne is one of a cellar full of Argonne oak barrels and terracotta amphora. On these unique premises, small harvests, small containers and fine materials are the sole guarantors of exceptional quality in order to create the fine wines that bear the Henri Giraud name.

Claude Giraud commented: “Since 1990, the freedom to think differently, constant curiosity and the demands of enthusiasts of the Henri Giraud style led us naturally down the path of ‘0% stainless steel’. Lovers of Champagne Henri Giraud are undoubtedly among the most demanding and sophisticated connoisseurs of fine wines in the world. Quite naturally, our maison was duty bound to pioneer this approach.”

So after more than 25 years of painstaking work and studies, Champagne Henri Giraud has chosen the “0% stainless steel” option. For a long time now, the maison has been changing gradually from stainless steel vats to smaller containers – Argonne oak barrels and Impruneta terracotta amphora – and this process is now complete. Fine materials allow the wine to breathe properly while small containers boost the interaction between the wine and its entire sediment which contains antioxidants and aromatic precursors. Everything is in place to ensure the maison perpetuates a history that dates back to 1625 with the same philosophy: “Let us be bound by neither restrictions nor obligations – let us simply make good wine, sound in body and mind.”

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