Champagne Infinite 8

2nd July 2015

Champagne Infinite 8

The spirit of Infinite Eight is the result of the meeting of two men inspired by the same passion for wine and in particular the one from their region, Champagne.

In addition to its unique flavour, a major characteristic of Infinite 8 is also its design. 8 has a deep meaning in metaphysics, numerology, and human culture. Associated with perfection,  balance, harmony and “an other dimension to things”.

Infinity resonates in us as an ever deep and fabulous concept… The symbols of the number 8 and the infinity are indissociable and are synonymous with balance exception and eternity but it is also and above all the symbol of harmony and perfection.

The beautiful and stylish design on our bottle has an other dimension to it as well. Once reached the perfect temperature, the thermo-reactive infinity sign becomes red. This combination of sublime taste and memorable design makes Infinite 8 very unique and hard to forget.

Glass of Bubbly

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