Champagne Jacquart Mosaïque

28th August 2014

Champagne Jacquart Mosaïque

A mosaic of crus, grape varieties, vintages, aromas and flavours – our flagship cuvée could not be named more aptly.

A blend where Chardonnay is the dominant grape variety (35%-40%), giving Brut Mosaïque its freshness and delicate aromas. Pinot Noir (35%-40%) adds structure and Pinot Meunier (25% -30%) brings fruit. The grapes are sourced from exceptional terroirs, including the Grands Crus of the Côte des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims. The presence of 20%
reserve wine ensures regularity of style, while more than three years ageing and a light dosage of 10g/l result in a balanced and complex champagne.

It has aromas of fresh pear, fig and almond, with hints of orange flower. A light swirl of the glass brings out richer notes of honey and freshly baked bread. The flavour is fresh and supple. Full, with a long fruity finish.

Brut Mosaïque

Brut Mosaïque


From mosaics to camaïeu…Adding red wine to the blend of our rosé opens up a whole new palette of colours and flavours. A cuvée to please champagne lovers and lovers of life.

Our “Brut Mosaïque in pink”, this cuvée has all thehallmark Chardonnay finesse (35%- 40%), rounded out by the ripeness of the Pinot Meunier (25%-30%)and the structure of the Pinot Noir, of which 15%-18% is vinified as red wine. The addition of Pinot Noir red wine to the blend (15% to 18%) and a light dosage (10g /l) result in a very complete, balanced champagne

The appearance is Delicate bubbles wrapped in intense salmon pink. It has red berry-fruit aromas (ripe redcurrants, cherries, wild strawberries)that give way to notes of plum.The taste is fresh and full. Fine finish with surprising notes of peach and apricot. Goes excellently with finely spiced or sweet and sour dishes.


Rosé Mosaïque

Glass of Bubbly

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