Champagne Jacquesson

18th March 2014

Champagne Jacquesson

In 1798 Memmie Jacquesson founded the House of Jacquesson at Chalon-en-Champagne. Memmie Jacquesson was awarded a gold medal by Napoleon I in 1810.

Memmie’s son Adolphe increased sales, in 1844 he invented the muselet, the wire cage that fits over the cork of a bottle of Champagne. He was created “Chevalier de Légion d’Honneur” by Napoleon 111 in 1863.

From 1837 until 1843 Johann-Joseph Krug worked at Jacquesson before creating his own Champagne house. Krug married Adolphe’s wife’s sister and the families remained close.

In the 1860’s Adolophe’s two sons died in their early twenties bringing the family line to an end and the temporary decline of the business from 1875.


In 1925 Leon de Tassigny breathed new life into the business.

In 1974 the Chiquet family purchased Jacquesson and for the last 20 years, Jean-Herve and Laurent Chiquet have been practicing traditional methods in the village of Dizy.

At Jacquesson we number our Cuvees, to date them and to highlight the distinct personality of each Cuvee. Our wines are vinified in casks, on the lees, with regular batonnage and then blended.

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