Champagne Jean Josselin Magnum Cuvée Des Jean

1st September 2016


Champagne grower-producers Jean Josselin particularly recommend their magnums of Cuvée Des Jean, their 100% Pinot non vintage Champagne. If you’re more interested in weekends in the countryside, large tables of friends, grilled steaks and cheese, then this fruity, powerful and robust Champagne is for you! This Champagne comes in an attractive curved bottle.  To look at, it is bright, with fine

The Champagne comes in an attractive curved bottle. It has aromas of spring meadows, as well as hints of hawthorn, apple and strawberry compote.  It is light, but leaves lingering flavours of bricoche and peaches.  It pairs well with turkey and other poultry and meat dishes.

Jean Josselin have a long history, having grown Champagnes in the Aube since 1854, and produced fresh, fruity Champagnes for three generations.


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