Champagne Jeeper ~ The Range

19th June 2015

Champagne Jeeper ~ The Range

Cuvée Grand Assemblage

produit-grand-assemblage1 small

Fruity and toasty on the nose. Long finish with the finesse of exotic fruits. Creamy texture, delicate piquant bubbles.

Cuvée Grand Rosé

produit-cuvee-rosee1 small

Sparkling pale rosé. Fruity and floral (peony, rose) on the nose. Delicate and fruity, supple and fresh with hints of red fruit (black cherry). A sweet pleasure with a subtle length and pronounced elegance.

Cuvée Grande Réserve Chardonnay

produit-grande-reserve-chardonnay small

Glistening light gold robe, mineral and floral nose. Silky, lively and fruity mouth feel, citrus notes. Powerful in the mouth and long finish. An extremely refined Champagne.

Cuvée Brut Naturelle

produit-naturelle-bio1 small

Extra brut mineral notes and complex aromas. Blended with precision.


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