Champagne Lallier Réflexion R.019 Brut

2nd March 2023

Champagne Lallier R019

The Champagne house of ‘Lallier’ dates back to 1906 with the founding gentleman being Réne Lallier. Today the winery is split in to two magnificent Champagne locations with the cellars in Aÿ and the Maison’s contemporary production facilities are held in Oger, Côte des Blancs.

Cellar master Dominique Demarville leads today’s history for Lallier, alongside him is Cyrille Diniz lead oenologist and Camille Seite quality health, safety and environment manager. Mathieu Pingret, with 20 years experience within the industry is the all important vineyard manager!

I am very passionate about sustainability in any industry and I am pleased to see that Champagne Lallier is a winery that holds a similar passion to heart with their support of biodiversityChristopher WalkeyChampagne Lallier carefully maintains its vineyards, promoting biodiversity (bees, fruit trees, …) and placing environmental values at the forefront of everything we do, demonstrated by its High Environmental Value certification (HVE). Lallier celebrates what nature gives, letting it guide its signature style and constant quest for excellence.

Lallier Réflexions was born with R.010 – as a Réflexion around the 2010 harvest and released globally in 2014. This cuvée is a deep reflection of a specific annual harvest. A Champagne that defied the conventions of the Champagne Brut Non-Vintage category by favouring the expression of the base wine over taste consistency, ‘Réflexions’ perfectly captures our winemaking ethos – one that believes that Champagne should be reflective of its terroir, both in quality and character. As a result, we encounter new subtle notes every year. A pure quest for excellence and sincerity towards what nature brings each year.

The current release is the 2019 (R.019) with previous releases being 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.

Champagne Lallier 2019 R.019 tasting notes: “On the nose it is a relatively soft expression of white fruit flesh, white floral, a splash of lemon zest and some hints of bread crumbs. Flavours are crisp and fresh, young tasting for sure with once again white fruits, citrus, soft saline and a smoother close showing white floral and hints of white pepper.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.