Champagne Langlet

26th October 2015

Champagne Langlet

Champagne Langlet is a House that combines a modern way of thinking with the traditional. Langlet began thanks to the encounter of three winemakers: Vincent Métivier, Luc Chaudron and Fréderic Papelard.

Champagne Langlet prides itself on being progressive, continuing to evolve and permenantly enscribe itself on the era’s trends.


Vincent is a wine-grower who built a wine press amidst the chalky vineyards between Château Thierry and Epernay to produce Langlet Champagne. He has learned precise methods from his elders which helps him produce carefully thought-out, harmoniously-structured wine.

Luc is a wine-grower whose vineyard on Reims Mountain consists mostly of grand cru and premier cru plots. A merchant with a large production capacity was needed to give “substance” to the adventure and support it with a rapid, powerful, ultra-modern, flexible, precise assembly line.

Fréderic is the brand ambassador. A “people person”, he promotes Langlet Champagnes among a market of connoiseurs and learns from freeback to help create an ideal product.


Guests are welcome to visit Langlet, which is just 1 hour from Paris.


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