Champagne Lanson

23rd October 2014

Champagne Lanson House Reims

In 1760, François Delamotte created his own Champagne House, which is one of oldest Houses of Champagne. Today, Jean-Paul Gandon is the memory and guarantor of the Lanson style, with over 25 years’ experience as Wine-Maker.

In 1900, Queen Victoria awarded Lanson the famous Royal Warrant as an official supplier to the Court of England – a distinction which Lanson has retained ever since. In 1937, Victor Lanson decided to focus on the sales of
“Non-Vintage” Brut Champagnes, which he baptised “Black Label”.

In 2010, to mark its 250th Anniversary, the House of Lanson has launched an emblematic blend to “magnify” the unique Lanson Style, a special cuvee known as Lanson Extra Age (X.A.).

100th Anniversary Cuvee

250th Anniversary Cuvee

Fruitiness, power and freshness are the pillars of the Lanson Style

Lanson Champagne is predominantly made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the purest Champagne style. Vinification without malolactic fermentation is a historic decision at Lanson to guarantee a fresh and fruity wine. The wines are aged in cellars longer than stipulated in the regulationsfor beautifully finished wines.

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