Champagne Lanson “Beautifully Wrapped” Festive Edition Gift Boxes

25th November 2015

Champagne Lanson “Beautifully Wrapped” Festive Edition Gift Boxes

Champagne Lanson “Beautifully Wrapped” Festive Edition gift boxes are the perfect way to start the festive period and are now available exclusively with any purchase of Champagne Lanson’s 75cl bottles.

Paul Beavis, Champagne Lanson’s Managing Director, UK & International says: “Last year we saw big increases in our Champagne Lanson Rosé sales, which helped to firmly secure our Number 1 (by volume) position. More women and a younger customer base are coming into the category and enjoying the taste and returning for more. Our “Beautifully Wrapped” Festive Edition gift boxes perfectly complements our traditional black gift boxes to provide customers with a gift solution for everyone over the festival shopping period.”

Lanson wrapped

Sarah Campbell, Champagne Lanson Marketing Manager, adds: “We wanted to create a range of premium gift boxes which have fantastic stand out and durability, beyond Christmas. Our new “Beautifully Wrapped” Festive Edition gift boxes features a variety of finishes. Our exclusive box for Tesco stores features the “bow” at the heart of the design in the form of a Maltese Cross which is particularly relevant, as it celebrates our rich heritage. The red Maltese cross became the Lanson insignia in 1798 when Nicolas-Louis Delamotte, a Knight of the Order of Malta, succeeded his father and fashioned a Lanson Cross as the new Company’s Crest, so it is highly significant for us.”

Paul Beavis concludes: “We know from our research that almost 40% of all Champagne is sold in the last eight weeks of the year and of this figure, roughly 25% of these sales happen in the last three weeks of the year. And, what’s more, just under 50% of Champagne purchases are to give to someone as a gift. We are confident that our new gift boxes will exceed expectations.”


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