Champagne Laurent Lequart

26th October 2015

Champagne Laurent Lequart

The Lequart family have been winemakers for several generations and are deeply attached to their roots and love of wine. The Lequart House owns 9-hectare of beautiful vineyards located in the village of Passy Grigny, in the heart of the Marne valley.

The village Passy Grigny is characterised by the diversity of its terroirs and enjoys exceptional sun exposure. Pinot Meunier is especially typical of this area – it provides roundness, elegance and the fruitiness to the wine and is well represented in Lequart cuvées.


From manual grape-picking to pressing, fermentation to bottling, ageing in the cellars to full maturity, these are delicate steps carried out over many patient years.

In order to produce high-quality Champagnes, Lequart have been practising organic winemaking techniques for 15 years.

With just a call beforehand, you can visit the Lequart House and we will be delighted to receive you in our tasting cellars so you can enjoy our range of Champagnes.


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