Champagne Lavergne Cuvée Prestige

7th October 2014

Champagne Lavergne Cuvée Prestige

The Cuvée Prestige Champagne is a blend from old vines of Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and is the traditional Champagne derived from old Champagne estates… par excellence!

The unique selling point
A maturation is 6 years minimum that transforms the aromas into an infinite sublimination

50% of Pinot Meunier, 30% of Pinot Noir and 20% of Chardonnay. It is dry, unique and fresh showing the ‘Age of the Blended Wines.’

A disgorgement date is set close to the release date in order to allow the consumer to choose between two different options: to go for freshness and liveliness despite the age of the wine, or decide to wait for a new one.

Tasting Notes
On the eye: It is subtle and with a pale colour
On the nose: There is great depth, with a delicate smell of Japanese Nashi and white flowers.
On the palate: Expect an aroma of pears with an excellent length on the palate. Has a good structured finish that is very refined with great intensity.

Champagne Lavergne is a superb, well-balanced wine that has style, finess and crisp, with a backbone of a bouquet and aroma of great elegance. Highly recommended to all customers and in harmony with nature. Should be served at 10° or above and drunk as an aperitif, or on special occasions.

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