Champagne L&S Cheurlin

10th October 2014

Champagne L&S Cheurlin

Champagne L&S Cheurlin – (Daughter & Son – Lucie & Sébastien) already produce ‘near organic’ wines of outstanding quality and have further ecological aspirations from their vineyards in the Côte des Bar.

Wine producers for several generations to date, Lucie and Sébastien Cheurlin’s expertise was initiated by their ancestors. They handle each stage in making the wines themselves – all the way from the grape to the glass. Out of respect for the generations to come, they tend towards a type of viticulture and vinification which includes the use of essential oils on the vineyard to prevent against any disease, whereby their fundamental aims are the pursuit of authenticity, purity and enjoyment.

Lucy Cheurlin

Lucie Cheurlin

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