Champagne Mercier Demi-Sec

15th January 2015

Champagne Mercier Demi-Sec

The fruitiness finds expression in the complex, intense aromas of raisin and dried apricot. Its remarkably rich flavor is balanced by an enjoyable freshness. The palate evolves into notes of candied fruits, honey and mild spices with a mellow, silky finish.

“Just a few lines are enough to capture the moment when the model you’re drawing from is so harmonious… like Mercier Demi-Sec. Combining its rich flavors with the melting sweetness of a buttery apple tart (served with a generous dollop of cream, in my case)… is a delicious food pairing that’s very easy to illustrate!”

Shared by Christèle MAUS LAMBERT

– David Lanaspa, Illustrator.

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