Champagne Mercier Private Receptions

7th January 2015

Champagne Mercier Private Receptions

The Maison Mercier offers a private venue to hold prestigious receptions.

The Bacchus Cellar
Deep in the cellars and located 30 metres underground , the Bacchus Cellar features majestic proportions including two sculptures that stand 15 metres high carved in the chalk walls by the sculptor Gustave Navlet. Capacity : from 24 to 200 people (140 for a dinner dance).


Cellar Visits

Founded in 1858, “The Maison Mercier “ has a history very different to the other houses of the same era. This is entirely due to Eugène Mercier’s personality and ambition.

A great visionary, he shook up traditional methods : he was the first in Champagne to create a company based on the sharing of resources, human, technical, logistic, commercial and financial. To make his brand known he multiplied highimpact publicity campaigns and challenged the usual ways of doing business.

An audio-guided visit:
The visit starts with a film retracing the exploits and innovations of Eugène Mercier. Then you take a panoramic lift to your destination, 30 metres underground. Aboard a laser guided train you will travel along part of 18 kilometres of tunnels discovering the bas reliefs in the chalk, created by the artist Gustave Navlet, before returning to ground level to enjoy a Champagne tasting.


Our Menus
These are prepared by local caterers and are served by a professional banqueting team.

We propose a choice of two menus :

▪ the Mathusalem menu
(4 courses)

▪ the Salmanazar menu
(5 courses)

Our menus include a choice of several starters, main courses, cheeses and desserts prepared by local caterers. You choose your preferred menu option (one menu choice for all participants) and some courses will vary according to the season.

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