Champagne Mignon: Heritage Collection

6th March 2015

Champagne Mignon: Heritage Collection

These Cuvées embody the values that have been passed down from father to son and are made predominantly with Pinot Meunier, offering a fruity, well-rounded style.

Grande Réserve

80 % Meunier
10 % Chardonnay
10 % Pinot Noir

A very fruity, well-rounded Champagne with notes of citrus and fresh white fruit, and a light, fluid texture. Ideal as an aperitif.

Brut Rosé

70 % Meunier
15 % Pinot Noir
15 % Chardonnay

Beautiful pink colour, revealing superb balance. Notes of red fruit combined with the fruitiness of the Pinot Meunier produce a subtle range of flavours. Perfect as an aperitif or with a red fruit dessert.

Zéro Dosage

55 % Meunier
35 % Chardonnay
10 % Pinot Noir

A delicate blend matured in our cellars for more than three years, this Champagne is a Brut Nature (no sugar syrup is added at disgorgement), enabling all of the wine’s flavours to be expressed. Serve as an aperitif or with seafood.

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