Champagne Mignon Sublime Collection

5th March 2015

Champagne Mignon Sublime Collection

Année de Madame Privilège Rosé

55 % Chardonnay
35 % Meunier
10 % Pinot Noir

Magnificent presentation for this Année de Madame Rosé Privilège cuvée, with a superb metallic sleeve. The wire cage is decorated coated with Swarovski strass.

Désir & Sens Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru

100 % Chardonnay

This exceptional quality 2004 Vintage Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru is produced in a magnificent metallic copper effect bottle. Beautiful wire cage decorated with Swarovski strass.

Coeur d’Or

Vintage Red or Gold
60 % Chardonnay
30 % Meunier
10 % Pinot Noir

Presented with a red or gold metallic finish, these bottles offer a champagne of exceptional quality. The cork contains a gilded Arthus Bertrand Presented in its box with a black cord for the medallion.

Cuvée Prestige Gold

55 % Meunier
35 % Chardonnay
10 % Pinot Noir

This elegant Cuvée Prestige has a gilded metallic coating. Presented in a luxury box or sleeve, the cork is held in place by a gold-plated wire cage.

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