Champagne Monopole Gold Top 2007 Millésime

11th November 2014

Champagne Monopole Gold Top 2007 Millésime

Strength and balance.

Yellow with brilliant bronze accents that give it all its sparkle.

The first scent is one of a warm, round wine. The dominant aromas are of honey and candied fruit. The complex bouquet evolves over time, moving towards toasty, dried fruit notes.

On the palate, we can confirm the cuvée’s roundness and volume. This wine is ample and long. The bouquet’s ripe fruit aromas come out and dominate upon tasting. It has end notes of pineapple and caramel. This cuvée is balanced, and the wine will benefit from five years’ aging in the cellar, developing smooth levels of acidity.

This cuvée is balanced and pleasant. It is perfect for any moment. Gold Top 2007 Vintage also goes well with fish or poultry dishes in creamy sauces, like fillet of sole in champagne sauce, or with exotic dishes such as prawn curry or tandoori chicken.


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