Champagne Monopole Silver Top

7th November 2014

Champagne Monopole Silver Top

An artful cuvée.

Yellow colour with emerald accents.

Subtle top notes. It has middle notes of white flowers and more pronounced bottom notes of white peach. As the wine warms up, the bouquet becomes more pronounced. It is quite voluminous. Upon tasting, it releases aromas of cooked apple and of roasting.

It is highly present and quite voluminous on the palate. It is long without being heavy. The flavours are in harmony with the stewed fruit aromas found in the bouquet We even detected some deeper aromas of cacao and coffee.

This cuvée is lovely and pleasant. It pairs well with the apéritif. Silver Top may also be served with sushi or roast scampi with spices.


Shared by Tanya Couch

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