Champagne Moutaux: The Range

20th October 2014

Champagne Moutaux

Brut Réserve
Chardonnay 20%

The colour of this wine is a beautiful warm yellow, characteristic of Pinot Noir.
The nose is greedy, expressive and reminiscent of fresh fruit (red berries and yellow fruits at the beginning of the end). This wine has a nice smooth finish, a sharp attack, a nice fruit tone reminiscent of fresh fruit. This refreshing champagne can be enjoyed on any occasion.

Brut Carte Blanche
Chardonnay 82%, Pinot Noir: 18%

The color is a beautiful yellow gold / straw, typical of Chardonnay The nose is fine, delicate, opening on slight buttery notes, working on floral (white flowers) and white fruit / citrus fruit (pear, apple, lemon). This elegant and feminine wine has a goods length on the palate, with an attack starting with notes of white fruit, a silky mid-palate, finishing with citrus notes. Available in Magnum.

Brut Rosé
Pinot Noir: 68% Chardonnay 19%

The colour is a lovely light pink reminiscent of raspberry. The nose is delicate, elegant and has an air predominantly of red fruit (strawberry, raspberry, currant, cherry) with also light floral notes (cherry blossom). The palate is silky, velvety, dominated by cherry and currant.

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