Champagne Moutaux

13th October 2014

Champagne Moutaux

Champagne Moutaux – (Daughter & Husband – Christine & Renaud) is a fifth generation Champagne maker. In 2013, after much work over many years, the owners, Christine and Renaud Fischer, were awarded the certification of “Terra Vitis” (Sustainable development in viticulture) in the Côte des Bar.

The range:

Réserve Brut
80% Pinot Noir / 20% Chardonnay
Beautiful, warm yellow colour, the nose is generous and expressive, evoking fresh fruit. The Champagne presents superb fluidity on the palate with ample fruitiness. This refreshing Champagne can be drunk on all occasions.

Carte Blanche Brut
85% Chardonnay / 15% Pinot Noir
The delicate nose opens to light buttery noses then develops on to floral notes (white flowers) and white/citrus fruit (pears, apples and lemons). This elegant and feminine Champagne has good length on the palate with notes of white fruit, a silky feel in the middle and a finish of citrus fruit.

Rosé Brut
90% Pinot Noir / 10% Chardonnay
With a beautiful light pink colour of raspberries, the delicate, elegant and ethereal nose is dominated by red fruit with light floral notes. It is velvety and silky on the palate, dominated by cherries and redcurrants.

Val de Beauregard Brut
50% Pinot Noir / 50% Chardonnay
Long ageing on the lees develops the characteristic aromas of old vintages. The elegant and delicate nose develops tertiary aromas (chestnut honey, figs, grilled and roasted notes). It presents a complexity on the palate with almond paste, grilled, spicy and then roasted notes.


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