Champagne & Music with Krug

11th July 2015

Champagne & Music with Krug

Get a taste of the inside story behind every bottle produced by Krug with the Krug ID app.

Simply enter a 6 digit ID from your bottle into the Krug ID site or scan the label with the smartphone app and you can immediately access the life story of the Champagne. Learn when the bottle was corked, when it left the cellar, tasting notes, glass type suggestions, dinner pairing options and reviews.

krug id


Another interesting feature is the app shares music selections that best pair with the bottle of Champagne.

“The world of music and the world of Champagne share a common vocabulary: precision, expressiveness, roundness,” said Argentine pianist Marcela Roggeri. “There are certain Champagnes that I associate only with classical music like Krug Clos du Mesnil or Krug Clos d’Ambonnay.  However I could associate other Krug Champagnes with jazz or Brazilian music, such as Krug Rosé.”



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