Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Celebrates 40th Anniversary

10th June 2016

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Nicolas Feuillatte is the third largest Champagne brand globally, on their 40th anniversary, they have chosen to relaunch its communication strategy in order to strengthen its long term growth.

Nicolas Feuillatte is the Champagne brand which seeks to balance and reconcile luxury and emotion whereas Champagne can be perceived as intimidating and distancing itself from the consumer. Julie Campos, Managing Director of Nicolas Feuillatte says, “We believe that luxury is not a matter of social status, but elegance and attitude, emotion and enjoyment, appreciation of the good and beautiful. Champagne is an exceptional product but it shouldn’t be reserved for exceptional circumstances. It enchants precious moments and reveals the beauty of the here and now.”

Therefore, throughout the next few years, Nicolas Feuillatte will consolidate its position as Champagne brand for emotional luxury, with a mission: to enchant life.

The new international campaign emphasises imagination and emotion; it celebrates the mystery and the magic of Champagne. It is characterised by a mischievous audacity: Champagne is subtly suggested by elements of the wire cage turned into a chair, an umbrella or balloon clusters. It is up to the spectator to get caught up in the visual, to decipher its components and relate it to his or her own history to give it meaning.

For Julie Campos, “enchanting life, is more than a slogan, it’s a commitment, a mission. Therefore we asked ten Londoners to tell us their special moments, which we captured on the streets of London through street artists. We wanted to illustrate concretely those moments of our community which we wish to associate with our Champagnes.” Every story has been executed as a photo or video communication on social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is a way to create an original emotional connection with consumers. It is intended to be widened to other countries in 2017. Immersive experiences for the brand events will highlight real immersive experiences within the world of Nicolas Feuillatte.

This is how the 40th anniversary party, which was held on the 7th June in Paris, was developed. The concept was to step into Nicolas Feuillatte’s ‘factory of emotions’, but in an enchanted way, inspired by “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Tim Burton. It’s an opportunity to live a ‘parenthèse enchantée’ during an interactive, magical and moving evening.


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