Champagne Pierre Gobillard

7th May 2014

Champagne Pierre Gobillard

Pierre Gobillard is situated in Hautvillers the home of Monk Don Pérignon.

For three generations Gobillard family have produced champagne from their vineyards.

Gervais Gobillard began the business 1947, with his son Pierre.  Nowadays Pierre’s son Herve and his wife Florence Gobillard are the current proprietors with their daughter Cholé helping out in the shop and office.

Their premises have spacious storage for the aging of their wines and increasingly powerful technology, contribute to the quality assurance of their champagne and which gives the Gobillard family their unblemished reputation.

Brut Authentique

The fizzy appearance is plentiful when serving. The lively effervescence maintains a beautiful stream of fine bubbles.

The colour is golden yellow. The wine is beautifully clear.

The nose is round and mature with aromas of dry fruit and a touch of honey. When in contact with the air, some hints of citrus fruits.

A full bodied wine. Once the carbonic explosion subsides, the hints of dry fruit and honey are found within the delicate aroma.

30%  Pinot Noir : 30% Chardonnay : 40% Meunier

Cuvée Prestige Premier Cru

The tumultuous effervescence maintains a stream of fine bubbles at the surface of the wine.The colour is a beautiful pale gold. The wine is clear.

The nose is pleasant with floral aromas of white flowers. Hawthorn and acacia reinforce the sensation of refinement.

The taste is delicate and well balanced.

70% Chardonnay; 30% Pinot Noir

Demi-Sec Authentique

A nice creamy froth covers the surface of the wine. The colour is a beautiful pale gold. The wine is clear and sparking.

The nose is fine with aromas of lime and verbena.  When in contact with the air, some hints of candy appear.

A full bodied round wine with no excessive sugar and a slight noble bitterness at the end.

30% Pinot Noir : 30% Chardonnay : 40% Meunier

Glass of Bubbly

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