Champagne Pierre Launay

18th December 2014

Champagne Pierre Launay

Champagne Pierre Launay was established by Pierre Launay and his wife in 1973 in Barbonne-Fayel Sézannais in the south of the Cote des Blancs. The vineyard consists of 14 hectares, the Launay’s are driven by a desire to produce wines of highest quality while respecting the nature of the terrior, the ecology, environment.



The three brothers, Laurent, Lionel and Jérôme now work together. Jérôme takes care of the vineyards and Lionel is in charge of winemaking and tasting decisions, while Laurent deals with administration and finance. All decisions for the company are taken together by the close-knit team.

“Do not interfere with nature” might be the Launay brothers’ slogan. Common sense and trust dictate their daily work and activity. Technical decisions are made only after a great deal of thought. The Launays are enterprising, visionary and progressive wine producers. In the wake of their father who introduced the first shredder for vine prunings in the region 30 years ago, paving the way for a method that limited additions of nitrogen to the soil…and the first vine trimmer, the first high-clearance tractor whose features developed by Champagne Pierre Launay were of great benefit to the other wine growers.

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