Champagne Pierre Mignon

26th February 2015

Champagne Mignon Gourmet Collection

Maison Pierre Mignon is located in Le Breuil, an area recognized for the quality of its Pinot Meunier, in the Marne Valley. Following a long line of winegrowers, Maison Pierre Mignon has been making exceptional champagnes for five generations, in the purest respect for tradition while at the same embracing innovation.

Pierre and Yveline Mignon, the current holders of this precious expertise passed down from father to son, run the family property and work in collaboration with their two children: Céline, who is responsible for export and commercial relations, and Jean-Charles, responsible for the vineyard and wines.

The 16 hectare vineyard is spread over the entire Champagne region among the finest Crus in Champagne (Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs, and the Epernay region). The vines are mainly Pinot Meunier (60%), with some Chardonnay (30%) and a small quantity of Pinot Noir (10%). The nature and diversity of the terroirs enable the production of Grands Champagnes of exceptional character.



The secret of the finesse and purity of our Champagnes lies in the care taken of the vines, and our vinification methods. In order to continually improve quality, Maison Pierre Mignon has set up a very strict selection process for the grapes and pressed juices, with a meticulous settling stage and rigorous control of the fermentations.

The extreme care that we take over the production of the wines reduces the need for filtration, thereby preserving all of the flavour for the subsequent blends. Devoted to the land and passionate about wine, Jean- Charles Mignon creates the Maison’s Champagnes and regularly produces characterful new Cuvées.

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