Champagne Piot Sévillano

27th May 2015

Champagne Piot Sévillano

The Piot-Sévillano family is the latest in a line of 8 generations of Champagne makers.

It began in the 19th century; following the phylloxera outbreak which ravaged vineyards, the family diversified and started growing Montmorency cherries.  It was Emile Piot (1880-1969), an expert in grafting plants, who dedicated the grounds to grape production.


99% of our vines grow on the sun-soaked hills of Vincelles (Marne, France), where our family has lived and worked for generations.

The vineyards cover almost 8 hectares, and the entire production, from grape to bottle, is handled on site.

There are three varieties: 70% pinot meunier, 15% pinot noir and 15% chardonnay.  Half of the vines on our land were grafted by the grandfather and great-grandfather of Christine, giving the wine part of its unique identity.

From the care we give to our vines during the first buds of spring, we ensure the highest quality grapes.  We only harvest them when we know that they are at their peak maturity, so there is no need to use any additives after pressing, thus preserving the very best of the terroir.

All of these elements work together to give our champagnes their wonderful balance and smooth fruity aromas.

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