Champagne Pol Roger

13th January 2014

Champagne Pol Roger

Champagne Pol Roger was founded in 1849 in Epernay and now owns 87 hectares of vineyards on prime sites in the Vallee d’Epernay and on the Cote des Blancs. The brand is still owned and run by the descendants of Pol Roger.

Its cellars run for 7km and are on three levels, the deepest known as the ‘cave de prise de mousse’ at 33m below street level.  They are amongst the coolest and deepest in the region, which prolongs the fermentation, contributing to the particular style of Pol Roger Champagne.

Great Britain is and always has been, the premier export market for Champagne Pol Roger, a tradition dating back to the 1860’s. Total production at Pol Roger is in the region of 1.5 million bottles per annum, making them one of the smaller of the Grandes Marques.

Pol Roger was the favourite champagne of Sir Winston Churchill. The house’s prestige label is the vintage Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill is quoted as saying of his favourite tipple “In victory, deserve it. In defeat, need it!”

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