Champagne Posters

24th November 2014

Champagne Posters

Champagne and sparkling wine advertisement posters in the century-old French tradition. Exclusive poster in the Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau or Art Deco fashion.

Jean-Pierre Got began designing posters in 1992 with his first commission from a Bordeaux wine negotiant house celebrating its 100th anniversary. He uses traditional poster-design technique, Jean-Pierre paints both illustration and text in gouache enhanced by pastel & charcoal crayons.

French Cancan.small

Jean-Pierre’s portfolio of work ranges from high-spirited, joyful subject matter to more tender, heart-warming portrayals. The underlying theme throughout all his designs is one of joie de vivre.

Art advertisement posters soon become collectors’ items.

Special offer will include printing of 500 posters each one hand-signed and numbered.

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