Champagne & Prosecco Sales Soar Thanks to Wimbledon

8th July 2016

Champagne & Prosecco Sales Soar Thanks to Wimbledon

It seems the warm weather combined with watching tennis makes for the perfect glass of bubbly.

Since Wimbledon started, fans have been eager to buy sparkling wine with major supermarkets reporting a spike in sales. Asda reported a massive 400% increase in Champagne sales and M&S reported a 298% increase in Prosecco sales.

Pimms, the usual drink for summer sports events, seems to have gone down in popularity as more people opt for bubbly. The reason could be due to the recent rainy weather making fans go for a sparkling wine rather than a drink associated solely with summer, like Pimms.

This year, Champagne Lanson is  celebrating its 39th associated partnership year with Wimbledon. Lanson is the official Champagne supplier for the tournament and is the only Champagne to be served there for the past 15 years.


Champagne and Prosecco are also being seen more as an every-day wine option rather than being reserved just for special occasions — however it seems that for many of us, Wimbledon is certainly an occasion which deserves a glass of bubbly!

What are you drinking while watching Wimbledon this summer?


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