Champagne René Jolly and the Muselet-Y

25th March 2014

Champagne René Jolly

Champagne René Jolly, has devised a variation on the traditional Champagne closure – the Muselet-Y.

5th generation head of the family business and current winemaker Pierre-Eric Jolly came up with the idea for the Muselet-Y in 2007 and developed the machinery for producing the Muselet-Y himself.


The Muselet-Y is a three-legged adaptation of the traditional four-legged wire cage that holds a cork securely in the neck of a bottle of sparkling wine.

With only three notches around the edge of the capsule that sits on top of the cork, the three wires must cross in the centre forming a Y-shape – as opposed to the normal technique in which the four-wire legs are attached.


A rigid plastic capsule was needed as the pressure applied to the centre of the traditional metal capsule would result in collapse. This new plastic capsule however brings about the possibility of  new marketing and branding opportunities.

Pierre-Eric Jolly said “For the cost of one traditional metal wire closure, I can produce nine Muselet-Y. This single change reduces the amount of mild steel wire required by about 19cm for each cage, a saving of 41%.”

Shared by Pierre Eric Jolly

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