Champagne Rodez

31st August 2014

Champagne Rodez

Champagne Rodez is located in Ambonnay, a small medieval borough which flourished in the Middle Ages, and was founded at the site of a Galo-Roman villa.

From the beginning of the Champagne Cru Scale in 1895 Ambonnay appears among the GRANDS CRUS CLASSES of Champagne. With an average altitude of 130 meters, a large part of the vineyards often escapes the spring frosts. The terroir of AMBONNAY is planted on hillsides where limy chalk is just beneath the soil surface, covered by a thin layer of clay and limestone soil.

Pinot Noir grows here easily and makes for fruit forward and structured cuvees, which are highly sought after by Prestige Champagne makers.

Prized for its lightness and finesse, Chardonnay is most often planted on the South-eastern slopes. A few south facing clay-siliceous plots, allow in certain years the secret production of a red Champagne wine of a rare elegance: a fruity wine laced with red fruit aromas, the Ambonnay Rouge is sought after by connoisseurs.

The footprint of time.
For the last three centuries, the Champagne soil has shaped our family from generation upon generation. At times we were masons, at others carpenters – woodworkers, but from an early age we attached ourselves to the vines.

These vines which provided Ambonnay with its precious nectar for almost a thousand years have signed their presence in all of the grand historical symbols of our country side. At that time Champagne’s country side was ruthless in the sense that only the greatest of terroirs could hope to trade their wines in the market places. Of this time remains our village’s architectural footprint, a small town gathered together around small streets lined by the walls of wine properties.

Our Sensibility
Respect for our vines is a daily preoccupation and we look to explore all techniques and routes which allow for a greater respect for our vineyards and favour a natural balance. There is no point in doping our vines, it is useless to try and replace Mother Nature; often it is enough to simply use common sense.

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