Champagne Rogge Cereser Cuvées

31st May 2015

Champagne Rogge Cereser Cuvées

Cuvée Excellence

Eye: Shimmering golden yellow.

Nose: Powerful fruitiness, with vine peach aromas, hazelnut and wild berries in perfect harmony with the floral notes of the Chardonnay.

Palate: The richness is powerful yet fine and delicate. with toasted and honey notes.

Food Pairing: Perfect with  red meat and foie gras.

Cuvée Réserve

Eye: Golden bright in colour and copper reminiscent.

Nose: Vine peaches, hazelnuts, and wild berries combined with floral notes of chardonnay and citrus notes.

Palate: Powerful, sophisticated and elegant. Full of character with oaky, toasted notes and honey.

Food Pairing: Ideal with red meats and foie gras.

Cuvée Colleterie

Eye: Golden bright yellow in colour.

Nose: White flower notes, lilies and roses. Then citrus fruit and tangerine before delivering vine peach and hazelnut.

Palate: Fresh and elegant evolving into generous aromas with honey notes and spices.

Food Pairing: Ideal with white meat and fine seafood.

Glass of Bubbly

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